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Get sharper images with OpenJPEG

OpenJPEG is a free codec designed not for the standard JPEG format, but specifically for JPEG 2000. Any user who wants to obtain sharper, better-quality images could benefit from OpenJPEG and its vast library.

An open-source JPEG 2000 codec

The OpenJPEG codec is so-called because it is an open-source project written using C language. Because of this, it is open to a broad range of users who can adapt it to their own purposes. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the codex and its uses will benefit from a vast online library of reference materials, assembled by enthusiasts from around the world.

A dedicated codec for JPEG 2000

The JPEG 2000 format, also known as JP2, is one that never became as widespread as the standard JPEG format but which nonetheless attracted the attention of various professionals who have found that they prefer its particulars in regards to resolution, compression, and transmission over those of the standard JPEG.

A codec, not an art program

OpenJPEG should not be confused with art programs like Pixel Art Studio or MS Paint. This is not a tool to help you to create pictures, but rather to get the most out of images obtained elsewhere. A user who is unfamiliar with the concept of an image codec will likely have no use for this particular tool: it is designed specifically for those who know their way around digital imaging.

Free to download and access

Because of its status as both a free and open-source project, OpenJPEG has plenty to offer knowledgeable coders who want to get stuck into the world of digital imaging. Although it requires a degree of knowledge of the area, those who know what they are doing will find it a useful and rewarding means of working with the JPEG 2000 format.


  • Vast online library of resources.
  • Open source.


  • For dedicated digital image-creators only.
  • Requires knowledge of image codecs.


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OpenJPEG 2.3.1 for PC


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